Rabbi Brander’s Videos

After the untimely death of his infant daughter almost twenty years ago, Kenneth Brander saw the power of collaborative leadership to make real change in the lives of others. Using this painful but powerful moment alongside textual comparisons of biblical characters, Rabbi Brander asks us to consider: in this day and age, what kind of leadership does the Jewish community really need?

In tribute to the Boca Raton Synagogue the White House asked that the BRS Menorah be used for its celebration of Chanukah in 2004. Rabbi Brander was invited to participate in the lighting and spent time with President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

In 2005 the Boca Raton community celebrates its accomplishments and the role the Brander family played within that process.

Tribute video from Yeshivat Sderot in Israel to Rabbi Brander and comments about the Rosh Yeshiva of S’derot Rav Dovid Fendel by President Richard Joel and Rabbi Brander.

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