May Their Memory be a Blessing

Yeshiva University
3 boys memoryIt is with deep sadness and profound outrage that we learned of the murders of Gilad Shaar, Naftali Frenkel and Eyal Yifrach. For the past few weeks, the lives of these boys, and the incredible faith of their families, have made an enduring impact upon each and every one of us, and upon the entire Jewish people. Our devotion to Tefilah, and unified sense of “Am Yisrael”, was palpable throughout our community. Families joined together in prayer, lighting additional candles for Shabbat, posting signs on our lawns, and flooding social media with a movement to raise global awareness of their plight. We embraced the families of the boys as heroes of our faith, and marveled  at the remarkable strength they maintained and provided to the entire Jewish people. They spoke to the heart, and transcended all divisions within our people, that only weeks ago seemed entrenched as part of Jewish life.

There are no words to truly capture the pain of our nation’s loss. Yet, our children will turn to us for guidance and understanding regarding the emotional and spiritual challenges that arise in such a devastating experience. Please find a number of resources compiled by Yeshiva University from both internal sources, and from Chai Lifeline that provide strategies and insights in addressing these circumstances with your children

May the Jewish people continue to live the ideals of unity that were inspired by the lives of Gilad, Naftali, and Eyal, and may their memory forever inspire us to grow in our commitment to Torah, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Rabbi Kenneth Brander Rabbi Menachem Penner Rabbi Yaakov
Dr. David
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