From Yishuv Neryah to Yeshiva University: Words of Togetherness

I wanted to share something with you that just happened. Yeshiva University students recently ran a program to learn Torah for a week 24/7 in memory of those who were tragically murdered in Israel and for the protection of our Israeli brothers and sisters. The response to this initiative was remarkable with hundreds of people from around the world participating.

One of our alumni, Nir Salamon, a resident in Yishuv Neryah (the small Jewish town in Samaria that was home to the R’ Eitam and Na’ama Henkin zt”l) heard about this initiative and sent me a note thanking YU on behalf of the entire Neryah community.

Nir sent me an email earlier this week and received my out of office message indicating that I was in Israel. He asked that I visit the community. I went today and they showed Stephanie Strauss, director of YU Israel, and me around the yishuv. As we walked into one of the schools they brought us into the fourth grade and,without my knowledge, announced to the students that was I going to share some words of Torah with the class. I asked them which verse they had just studied and discussed that verse with the class, in impromptu (and accented) Hebrew. Only after leaving the classroom did they tell me they chose that particular class because it included one of the orphaned Henkin children.

As we were leaving I asked Nir if he would share some words with YU students about initiative they developed: Please watch




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